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MEID Account Wizard (MAW)

MEID Account Creation and Reactivation

Admitting to Maricopa Community Colleges for the first time?
Use the online Admissions process instead of completing the process below.

Admitted to Maricopa Community Colleges in the past but have not used your MEID in 365 or more days?
Reactivate your MEID by completing the process below if you already have an MEID as a prior Maricopa Community Colleges student, employee, or library user.

Need an MEID account for library access only, and have never been admitted to a Maricopa Community College?
Create your MEID by completing the process below. Please note that if you apply to admit to a Maricopa Community College in the future, please self-identify as a reapplying/transferring student rather than a first-time student.

Please check the option that best describes you:

I am a new student AND have never attended or completed the admissions process for any of the Maricopa Community Colleges or Skill Centers.
I am a current or previously admitted or enrolled student (including high school "dual enrollment") at any of the Maricopa Community Colleges or Skill Centers and need to setup or reactivate my MEID account.
I am a student who has received a Confirmation ID number.
(What is a 'Confirmation ID'?).
I am a current or returning Maricopa Community College District Employee or Person of Interest.

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